“Praise ye the Lord, Praise ye the name of the Lord; Praise Him, O ye servant of the Lord. Ye that stand in the House of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God, Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good; sing praises unto His name for it is pleasant.”

In these words of the 135th Psalm we find expression for our thoughts on this 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Martin Memorial Temple C.M.E. Church. As we ponder this Centennial celebration during which the Lord our God has fostered and blessed His Church in our midst we most certainly wish to praise the Name of our Lord. When we remember that for one hundred years the Name of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed through the pure Gospel to lost sinners, the Holy Sacraments rightly administered and the work of the Kingdom of God carried forward, praise for the Name of our Lord wells up within us. None but God, and no place but heaven will be able to reveal the full benefit and result of this work.

On the WebPages of this website you will find a brief history of the congregation and its organizations. As you read them you will come quickly to the conclusion that the early pioneer fathers loved and worked for God’s Kingdom; that they were concerned about the spiritual welfare of the community. They were willing to sacrifice that the Church might be established and developed in their midst. Today we honor the legacy of the late Bishop J.C. Martin, and thank God for all our past/present Bishops, Presiding Elders, Pastors, and members for their faithfulness. We realize however, that the only way we can properly pay tribute to them is to carry on the work, which they so nobly began and to remain faithful to the Lord they loved.

Let us look to the future, and holding fast to our faith, move forward in the Work of God, erecting a mighty Scriptural House upon the foundations already laid. Remembering that,

In Jesus’ Name
Our Work must all be done
If it shall compass our true good and aim,
And not in shame alone;
For every deed
Which in it doth proceed,
Success and blessing gains
Till it the goal attains.
Thus we honor God on high
And ourselves are blessed thereby;
Wherein our true good remains.

Your servant in Christ,
Rev. Willie B. Boyd, Jr.

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